4d Male Masturbators Sex Toys

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4d Male Masturbators Sex Toys

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4d Male Masturbators Sex Toys

  • [Super-flexible material]: The entire butt is made of advanced TPR medical material, which can reproduce human skin, non-toxic and tasteless, skin-friendly, and safe for beginners! Through a unique coloring process and smooth touch, such as a woman's skin, the beauty of a woman is truly expressed! It also has excellent elasticity and durability, so it can be used for a long time. 3.05KG weight
  • [Real appearance] Real sense appearance, soft and realistic feeling. The smooth body depicts curvy beauty, the fluffy and soft skin on the outside, and plump buttocks attract men all over the world.
  • [Surreal 2-hole specification] Because it is a 2-hole specification for the vagina and anus, you can enjoy dual sex. On the vaginal side, if the erotic labia are inserted to separate them, warts and folds will be intricately tangled together, and you can enjoy the feeling that the vagina wall tightly tightens the glans. The anal side is a beautiful insertion port that produces fine wrinkles and tight protrusions, and you can fully experience the tightening of the sphincter as you go deeper. The
  • [Vagina is like a virgin] The vagina is full of greed like a virgin, you can experience without leaving a full shame, you can feel a strong stimulation and sucking feeling! High elasticity, thick texture and pressure can wrap the penis 360 degrees. Countless warts and folds will increase friction, stimulate the narrow and curved glans and cause numb orgasms. I will! Don't be patient, pour hot semen on her now!
  • [Maximum tension]: When you tighten on a narrow road, the folds seem to be rubbed by the squirrel, and the fun is multiplied! There is a feeling of insertion, wrapping the penis in a narrow hole with a rough feel. Strong tension may be pushed back. If you use it on a character sheet or body pillow, you can enjoy the pseudo-etching experience with your own bride.
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This is probably one of the best vibrators I have ever owned. It's REALLY strong and feels perfect. I never really liked buying these kind of products online only because you can only go off of the descriptions and reviews to try and see if it is right for you. After buying this I probably won't be as hesitant


I love this product 

Got it earlier than expected 

Thank you .


The first sex toy I ever bought and it does not disappoint! Each speed is different and the vibrator can deliver a lot of pleasure. Once you find the perfect speed and function for you! It's also really quiet, which is beneficial considering I share a house with other people


Amazing service 

I will buy again

thank you !

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