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Diamond Handle Chain Whip Sex Toys

Diamond Handle Chain Whip Sex Toys - SxLife Official

Diamond Handle Chain Whip Sex Toys

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Material: Metal


  • Make sexual life more fun.
  • Great for women use.
  • Made of leather material, very durable for playing.
  • Smooth surface, high quality, not cause any harm to the human body.
  • It will give more fun for couples, best sex toys
Tags: bdsm couple


This is probably one of the best vibrators I have ever owned. It's REALLY strong and feels perfect. I never really liked buying these kind of products online only because you can only go off of the descriptions and reviews to try and see if it is right for you. After buying this I probably won't be as hesitant


I love this product 

Got it earlier than expected 

Thank you .


The first sex toy I ever bought and it does not disappoint! Each speed is different and the vibrator can deliver a lot of pleasure. Once you find the perfect speed and function for you! It's also really quiet, which is beneficial considering I share a house with other people


Amazing service 

I will buy again

thank you !

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