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Robot Information

The Artificial Intelligence within Emma the Sex Robot means that she can speak to you in English or Chinese and you can have a fully interactive conversation. The more you talk and interact the more she learns. Artificial Intelligence means you can speak and converse with the Robot and build a relationship. Her mouth moves as she speaks and she has many facial expressions that she uses during conversations.

The Robotic parts are concealed within the head, safely within the plastic molded cavity for protection. The neck is able to move left to right at the neck.

The heating feature means the body of the robot reaches regular body temperature, ideal for cuddling.

The is body-safe medical grade and has a real feel skin that is closest to real human skin.

main features

To improve sex experiences:

1)Background management system: allow a customer to program some content that the robot can interact with customers during sexual intercourse. So the robot can say anything that the customer wants, flirt, stimulate the sexual atmosphere.

And the customer can teach a robot to say things or remember things. The more customer interacts with the robot, the smarter she will be. The longer you spend time with her, the more she will know you and understand you. 


2), Touch sensor moaning system when you touch the robot's private parts, the boobs, vagina, and thighs, she will make very exciting moaning to interact with you. 


3), Human temperature heating system, with warm hugs and warm touch feeling.


The robotic functions: 

1), Real companion:  With the talking ability, she will be the best friend you can have, talk to her about your feelings, your dreams, everything that happens during the day, 

or talk dirty to her during sex. She can be the best friend as well as the best sex partner. 


2), Mimic facial expression: the vivid cute little smile, makes you feel that the robot in front of you really understands you and feels you. 

That's she not just a cold robot, but a real-life companion. Who can not only satisfy people's physiological needs but also meet their psychological needs. 



Height: 160 cm 

Net body height: 143 cm

Waist: 63 cm

Oral depth: The robot's mouth was installed with mechanisms to make her lips move when she talks, so the robot CAN'T perform oral sex.

Vagina depth: 17 cm

Anus Depth: 14 cm

Weight: 43 kg


NOTICE: Due to the nature of this product, we don't accept any returns for the robot body. But for the robot head, we offer 1-year warranty.

The robot's software can be updated automatically. If there is a problem with the hardware of the robot head, the customer can send only the robot head back, shipping cost will be the customer's responsibility. After we repair the robot head, we will send the robot head back at our cost. 


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